Ride Off Into the Sunset - Possible Stops

Getting Things Wrapped Up

As I go about tying up loose ends, I’m reminded that dep犀利士
arture day is creeping steadily closer. I need to get my route figured out – at least the rough route. Why hello there Google Maps!

Taking My Time

One thing I don’t want to do is rush this experience. Obviously there are time/financial constraints, but I want to do as much ‘stopping to smell the roses’ as I can. Who knows when (if ever) I’ll have an opportunity like this again? I want to make sure that I don’t lessen the experience by rushing. Besides – it’s not really my style.


One of the bits of planning that I most need to wrap my head around – sooner rather than later – are the events that I might be able to enjoy while I’m roaming. Motorcycle, art, and technology events all need to be reviewed to see what I can catch as I’m passing through. Noting the route above (though it may or even likely will change) do you know of something that I might enjoy? Feel free to comment below!