Side Note – Adding Galleries

Shooting out the side of our chartered boat.
Shooting out the side of our chartered boat.

Mark and I were discussing these posts and he made the argument that there aren’t really enough photo in each post to provide proper context for the posts. I think it’s a good line of thinking.

So, rather than go back through and monkey with the posts themselves, I thought I would try something a little different. I’m leaving the posts as they are, but I will be creating a gallery at the end of each post with additional photos related to that day/those events. In other words: you may want to go back and check out the previous Japan posts.


MrLich is a biker / geek / illustrator for hire. In his search for something a bit different/more he's decided to hit the open road and head west. It's sure to be one hell of a ride...

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3 Comments on “Side Note – Adding Galleries

  1. Congratz MrLich ! What an hella’dventure ! I go for this iriomote trek next month, around march 9th, and i’m actually getting informations.
    Could i borrow u some time to provide some advices to me ?
    My choice is to go there alone, is that a huge problem ?
    Did you hear some Habus at night around your tent ?
    Which place did Mark choose for the camp at night ? (i noticed there’s some areas).
    Next step is Yonaguni-jima, but as a unexperienced diver, i think i’d better visit famous awamori breweries instead, wild horses and other ground things.
    Thanks to pay attention if u still around there 🙂

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