Trip to a Local Park

Trip to a Local Park

Had a great brunch the other morning (on the 5th). The sun was shining, and I just couldn’t resist, so I took ‘the long way home’ and stopped by Brandywine Creek State Park to walk along the creek for a bit. Nice day, and a great time to roll down some of those scenic country roads.

This is me – not complaining.


MrLich is a biker / geek / illustrator for hire. In his search for something a bit different/more he's decided to hit the open road and head west. It's sure to be one hell of a ride...

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4 Comments on “Trip to a Local Park

  1. This was a great weekend for riding/driving. I took the 55 for a run out to Harrisburg for my car club meeting. Keep the faith brother.

    • It sure was. I’m betting it felt great to let the old girl stretch her legs a bit!

      I saw your FB post – the ‘casualty’ – was that a piece of molding that came off?

  2. Sorry, I’m a little late on the reply. Really need to remember there is more to the web then just FB. Yes, it was a small piece of molding from the bottom of the windshield.

    • No stress brotha. Sorry to hear about the molding, but happy that it should be (I’m assuming) a relatively easy fix.

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