Month: April 2013

Great Kid. Don’t Get Cocky!

Great kid. Don't get cocky!

Han said it best. But I didn’t listen. I was doing some work on props for City Theater Company and I needed a piece of wood from the hardware store. I was behind schedule and didn’t want to go pick

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One Possible Route Across the Country

Ride Off Into the Sunset - Possible Stops

Getting Things Wrapped Up As I go about tying up loose ends, I’m reminded that departure day is creeping steadily closer. I need to get my route figured out – at least the rough route. Why hello there Google Maps!

Trip to a Local Park

Had a great brunch the other morning (on the 5th). The sun was shining, and I just couldn’t resist, so I took ‘the long way home’ and stopped by Brandywine Creek State Park to walk along the creek for a

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