A collection of the podcasts that I listen to in order to pass the time during my long hours on the road.
Libri Ex Machina - possible cover art for a podcast I never did get off the ground.

A friend asked for some podcast recommendations, and this is what I offered up. Since I get the question fairly often, or some variation on the theme, I thought I would share it here publicly so I could reference it when folks ask.

The Creative Penn – about independent author life. Production and sale of books without traditional publishers. 

The Dungeon Run – an Actual Play of 5e that I like. 

The Great Detectives of Old Time Radio – just what the title says. Old radio shows from the 50s in podcast format.  Johnny Dollar are my fave. 

How Not to DM – interview show about ttrpgs and how not to…

LORE – 1 part Twilight Zone + 1 part mythology. Been listening to this guy forever. Pure mood. 

Make Me Smart – NPResque news show. Different style to each weekday (deep dive v fun v etc)

Life in the Ted Lane – my friend Lindsay and her brother Ted talk about Autism, the Muppets, and their myriad adventures. 

Re: Thinking – interview show with industry leaders, scientists, etc about looking at subjects from a different/ new perspective

Science Versus – one of my faves. A scientific breakdown of different popular opinions like “Is one adult beverage / day a health benefit?”

The TED Interview – a deeper dive into the topics of TED Talks. 

Think Like a Game Designer – how to do what the title says. 

Travel Writing World – about writing about your travels and interviews with folks who do that. 

Twenty Thousand Hertz – a podcast about sound.

Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me – the NPR news game show in podcast format.

Tech News Briefing from the Wall St Journal – news about tech from the WSJ. 

There are many more that I personally subscribe to, but this list has a bit of diversity to it, and (I believe) will be enjoyable to a larger collection of people.​​​​​​​

If you’re reading this, and you’re wondering about some specific genre or topic of podcast, feel free to ask me about it, or tell me if you have some recommendations! I’m always looking for new and interesting stuff to listen to.

(Also, while this list has links to each of the shows for convenience, they should be available through most any podcast catcher. I personally use PocketCasts. If you haven’t chosen one yet, I can recommend it. Simple and effective.)