Yesterday's travel. Las Cruces to El Paso where I did some work, then to Austin, TX.

The Food & Drink

As I tend to do, if I’ve worked a long week (or just a really long Saturday) I’m taking Sunday off. Went to breakfast at a place that was basically a coffee shop with an upgrade. Meaning – their food wasn’t just microwaveable items, but real food, and they offered adult beverages on top of caffeine laden options.

Ovenbird ATX. I highly recommend it.

BONUS: the place was packed when I arrived. There was one seat available at the bar, and I saw another bearded digital artist working on his iPad directly next to it. I pulled up the seat and we chatted briefly. He was working on a banner for his Etsy or EBay (I forget) page. He also does D&D Character stuff in a very Gravity Falls cartoony style. He was more reserved than even me, so we didn’t exactly reveal each other’s life stories, but it was cool. Might be the first time I’ve had that while on the road. (Note to self: BGL were his initials. Like, Beagle. In case I want to try to look him up later.)

Sadly, Ovenbird closes at 2pm, so I made my way to another local coffee shop.

I suspect you mayyyy just be picking up on a theme in my travels. You know – if you’re paying attention.

I almost didn’t try this one. I recently went to a different ‘shop’ in a collection of warehouses and found that it was a business to business shop only.

So when I arrived at Spokesman Coffee, I thought that I’d inadvertently returned to the same place. It certainly wouldn’t be the first time I’d done that sort of thing.

I’m so glad I didn’t just bail and start looking for a different shop. This place is fantastic!

Spokesman Coffee - an Overview

As I said to Karen and Shan – this place has more style in each square foot than I do in my whole body! It’s in a warehouse, with funky graffiti style art on the walls, subtle lighting (which my light sensitive eyes and glareful iPad screen are deeply thankful for) cool / trippy / intriguing music, and both the blueberry tea and the chai that I had were notably delicious. As in – I don’t usually think about beverages much these days beyond “Hm. Nice.” and here I am recording it for posterity!

Spokesman Coffee - Art in the Bathroom

I mean, I’m not usually a ‘taking pics in the bathroom’ kinda guy, but when I saw this art…

To be clear – this isn’t some kind of pattern or wallpaper. Each of those characters is hand panted on a roughly 4′ high space that circumvents the restroom.

Seriously good stuff.

I’ll be coming back, you can bank on it.