Mark and I stumbled on the Punkin Chunkin Trophy in a random hardware store stop. That made us pretty happy.

Wait, you say. Day 2? Yeah, that’s where my Trip Journal Notebook started. Not sure why I never wrote anything down about Day 1. Probably too overwhelmed by the whole thing.

I have photos from Day 1, and will eventually write up a post related to it, but for now, this is what I’ve already done, and I’m just trying to make my adventures accessible here.

Anyway. This entry was originally posted to my old LiveJournal, then moved over to my account, but here is where it really belongs, so here we are. Original entry follows.

* * * * *

This is just how my journal from the trip reads. It’s quite choppy and it starts on Day 2, but it’s what I have. I’ll be doing more ‘fleshed out’ versions of the dates later. If you’re interested in being a part of the Road Trip Filter, let me know, but this is probably the only post that I’ll do without the filter. 

As I mentioned, the journal really only starts on day 2 – but I do have 3 notes about day 1 – That we were at Dewey Beach, that my bike’s mileage was at 4575, and that I took my first soil sample. Mark and I had decided that we wanted to do something different as keepsakes. He would collect water samples from around the country and I would collect soil. The end result was a couple dozen or so very interesting looking test tubes in both our packs. One of these days I’m going to put mine into a worthy collection of containers and in a display case. One of these days…

Day 2

My girlfriend Jeanine and me in front of the Philly Art Museum before starting the trip. (taken on Day 1 – April 27, 2002)

Left Cape Henlopen State Park a little late in the day. We rode late into the day stopping just shy of the Chesapeak Bay Bridge Tunnel because of a severe thunderstorm. Taking shelter in a local restaurant (Sting Ray’s Restaurant) we reviewed our plans.

We hoped to make Richmond Va. to spend the night with a couple of Mark’s College friends (Lisa and her husband John). As we ate dinner (Philly cheese-steak and fries for me and Eastern Shore Clam Chowder w/ sides of broccoli casserole, yams, and apples for Mark) the storm passed over us. It did, however, significantly throw us off our timetable, and had not completely left the area. Consequently, we decided to stay the night in the motel across the street from the restaurant.

Took a cold shower in the motel – there was no hot water.

Called Mom and Dad as well as Jeanine briefly before going to the motel.